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 Service Promise:

1、The two way radio mainframe is 12 months' guarantee, accessories are (battery, charger, antenna, earphone) 6 monthes' guarantee.

2、If the mainframe or accessoris have quality problems in the guarantee time which are not man-made,  you can go to the Math-Mark customers servise center or the repair center which authorized by Math-Mark to get a repair for free with the guarantee card or purchase invoice.

3、If the mainframe or accessories have the quality problems which are not man-made 30 days from the purchase date, you can go to the Math-Mark after-sales service center or the place you bought to change a new two way radio or accessories with the guarantee card or

Gurantee Policy:

1、The guarantee services are effectived under ordinary usage. The man-made problems can't enjoy the free guarantee servise, but for charge. The man-made problems include: whipped off or removable by man, natural wear, mechanical damaged, waterlogged, fired,  use the accessories or antenna which are not supplied by Math-Mark, or don't accordig to the user manual and so on.

2、The guarantee date is counted from the date invoice opened.

3、Don't tear up any logo about Math-Mark or the series number, or we will not guarantee the products.

4、The guarantee card and purchase invoice are the credence of guarantee. The guarantee card should be written completely when purchase and with sign of sellers. Juggling makes it void.


1、Read user manual carefully befor using the mainframe.

2、Don't use the two way radio with damaged antenna, use the antenna supplied or authorized by our company.

3、Don't turn off the radio in the potential inflammable and explosive environment.

4、Don't touch the battery with the metal, greasy products or caustic products.

5、Don't throw the battery or mainframe to the fire or water.

6、Use the battery, charger, earphone which manufactured or supplied by our company.


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